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Guest Stories


Followers are welcome to submit stories up to 3000 words to be posted on this page. Most standards and styles will be accepted. There is a basic vetting process to decline the unsuitable or inappropriate. They will remain posted until either the stories' author requests their removal or the page needs updating. I support young writers. Stories from those under sixteen will be posted on a young person page. Posts can be on any subject but must remain "user friendly". I feel this provides a good platform for writers who may struggle to gain exposure for their work.

I do not open attachments. Please send your submission embedded in an email to

I do not provide a critique service but will be happy to express an opinion if asked.

Stories submitted remain the property of the Author. 

Provide the details and your post can be linked to any web locations you may have. Please give a brief description of yourself to accompany the story. If you are able to reciprocate by adding one of my stories to your website this will provide solid links between various authors increasing exposure for all concerned. 

Mumbling - By Jim Ricks

Jim lives in the UK and writes short stories in his spare time as a hobby.

A Change in the Weather - By Jane Bean

Jane has been writing short stories for several years and has written two novels as part of a trilogy details of which and more of her short stories can be found on her website.

No Soul or Hot Coal - By H. B. O'Neill

H. B. O'Neill is a London born Writer and Performer. He is a prize-winning poet and short story writer, a screenwriter, playwright and author. To see more of his works check out

Glasgow Tales by - Wishart Frankfield

Click the link and visit an interesting and varied selection of stories. A great experience for sure.


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